From The Republic of Lithuania, Others.

The key tasks of the project to be tackled:
1. To analyze
 the methodological and methodical preconditions of the administration of the State and of the development of self-government for the transfer from the existing inharmonious system to the system of the relations of the democratic society under the globalization conditions. For that purpose it is necessary to systematize the know-how of the EU states, and other countries and to develop a model of democracy and development harmonization, most acceptable to.
2. To analyze the development of the administration and self-government of the Republic of Lithuania in the period following the restoration of Independence and to evaluate the possibilities of its harmonization. For that purpose it is necessary to evaluate the adequacy of quality and structure of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania , the structure of administration and self-government of the State, its functions and the adequacy of democratic mechanisms for their implementation, the adequacy of interaction of business self-management and administration of the State, the harmonization opportunities of democracy mechanisms.
3. To form the system for the creation and implementation of the long-term qualitative development strategy encompassing legal, organizational and financial mechanisms of its implementation, to prepare an optimum model of administration and self-government of the State, based on the objective tendencies of development, to guarantee its functions, structure and self-regulation mechanisms for the harmonious development of the State and society in the common space of Lithuania and the EU.
4. To prepare the project of the harmonious development of the State and society and amendments to the Constitution, necessary for its implementation.
The project must be in compliance with the logic of investigation and solutions of research work dealing with social problems, while theoretical statements and models proposed should be based on the results of representative empirical research performed.
   The authors must submit the research material in the established form, including the Project (with the application of written, audio, video, computer and other modern means), the preparation, submission, approval and implementation conditions of which will be foreseen in the contract-order.
The project structure is constituted of the introduction, methodological, methodical, research and Project parts, conclusions, proposals with the terms for implementation of separate stages of the project in the Republic of Lithuania and for ensuring the harmonious development of society under the real conditions of democratic self-government.
     The Information for the Society of The Republic of Lithuania and higher rank institutions of administration of the Republic of Lithuania: the Government, the Seimas and the President.

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Director of Foundation,

Prof. Dr. habilitated Antanas Makštutis
July 22, 2019, Vilnius