Dear Ms. and Mr.
1. The Foundation of Prof. A. Makštutis for the Harmonious Development of the State and Society (hereinafter referred as the “Foundation”) is a non-profit public legal person of limited civil responsibility established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania .
2. The main task of the Foundation activities is to support scientific and applied research in the field of the harmonious development of the State and society of :
2.1. To prepare a strategic Project of the harmonious Development of the State and Society together with the Corrections of Constitution.
2.2. The organizers of Project – A group of Lithuanian Scientists.
2.3. The start of the Project – 2021; the end of the Project – 2022.
3. The Foundation in implementing its tasks shall be entitled:
3.1.To receive financial, material and intellectual support from the State and municipal institutions, other establishments, public institutions, non-governmental organizations, Lithuanian and foreign foundations, business undertakings, organizations, associations, and banks, necessary for implementation of the tasks of the Foundation and performance of its functions.
3.2.To call to help experts and specialists of other public and municipal institutions, establishments, and international organizations, upon agreement with their managers, for making an analysis of the tackled problems.
4. The Budget of Project: 1 500 000 EUR and The Foundation while implementing its tasks addresses: Oll the heads of the organizations of the Republic of Lithuania, heads of foreign and international organizations, the people of Lithuania, foundations and citizens abroad, heads of Lithuanian and foreign banks: to permanently promote the Foundation by granting financial support and to transfer the monetary contributions to the settlement account of the Foundation.
5. All contributors of the Foundation will be entered into the Book of Honour of the Foundation,


Best regards,
The Director of Foundation,    Prof. Dr. habilitated Antanas MAKŠTUTIS
July 22, 2019, Vilnius