Director: Professor Antanas MAKŠTUTIS
Mob:  +370 656 09202
Antanas Makštutis – a Professor, Dr. habilitated (Social Sciences: Management and Administration, 03 S). A mechanical engineer (technologist).
He was born on April 21, 1946 in Southern Lithuania:
Sūkuriai – Balbieriškis.
General Labour Record: 53 years; of which 31 years – scientific and pedagogical.
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The studies books:
1. Makštutis A. (2005). Total Quality Management under Condition of Globalization. – Vilnius: MAL
2. Makštutis A. (2006). Strategic Planning under Condition of Globalization. – Vilnius: MAL
3. Makštutis A. (2011). Theory of Negotiations. – Vilnius: MAL
The papers – published more 222 in various scientific publications in Lithuania and other countries.
Fields of Scientific Interest: The Research of the Harmonious Development of the State and Society.